Subscriber methods

Provides operations for creating, making requests on, and deleting Subscribers.

  • CreateSubscriber

    Create a subscriber on account and add subscription to a list. If the email address already exists on the account, only a subscription to the list will be created (and if UpdateIfExisting is "true", the subscriber data will be updated). Be aware that if you are using CreateSubscriber endpoint in a subscription form you should also check and delete the subscriber from OptOutAll list before. NB! In case of bulk imports/updates - you should use one of the methods in the Import service. (Direct)

  • CreateSubscribers

    Create 1 to 10 subscribers on account and add to a list. (Queued)

  • CreateSubscriberWithDoubleOptIn

    Create a subscriber and add a subscription to a specific mailing list in a double opt-in mode. Subscriber is created as pending and an email is sent to them with a link they can use to confirm their subscription. When they click that link, the pending flag is removed and any confirmation email and/or SMS is sent to them based on recipient settings and mailing list settings. If this method is called for a specific email before the subscriber confirms their subscription, another email with the confirmation link is sent. However if it's called after the subscriber confirms their subscription, no email is sent and the subscriber data is updated. If a given email is on opt-out list/all subscriber and subscription will not be created and confirmation link will not be sent.

  • DeleteMultipleSubscribersByEmail

    Delete a batch of Subscribers by email adresses. (Queued)

  • DeleteMultipleSubscribersById

    Delete a batch of Subscribers by SubscriberID. (Queued)

  • GetAllSubscribers

    Get all Subscribers in this account (Queued)

  • GetAllSubscribersWithFilter

    Get all Subscribers in this account with filterID (Queued)

  • GetAllSubscribersWithoutSubscription

    Get all Subscribers in this account without a subscription (Queued)

  • GetRecipientsBySendQueueId

    Gets all recipients for a specific send-out. Includes RecipientId, Email and ExternalId. (Queued)

  • GetSubscriberDetailsById

    Return a single Subscriber by SubscriberId

  • GetSubscriberIdByEmail

    Gets a list of subscriberIds with a given email

    2017-10-25 v3: Returns a list of subscriberIds instead of a singel subscriberId.

  • GetSubscriberMailinglists

    Get a subscribers active mailinglists by subscriber id

  • GetSubscribersByExternalId

    Gets a list of subscribers by ExternalId

  • GetSubscribersPaginated

    Return a paginated list of all the subscribers for this account

  • UpdateSubscribers

    Updates 1 to 100 subscribers based on APSIS Pro's SubscriberId. Also allows for update of e-mail address. To delete contents of a field, include the field’s parameter in the request and leave value empty. To keep existing data in a field, don’t include the field’s parameter in the request. (Queued)