Terms of usage

The terms of usage on APSIS API Services are:
  • Integrations must not consume APSIS API at a rate greater than sixty (60) requests per minute.
  • Polls using the same signatures performed against APSIS API must have an interval greater than five (5) minutes.
  • Number of invalid requests must not exceed 5% of total requests placed on the API in a 24-hour period. Any request placed on the API containing invalid formatting, invalid credentials or directed to non-existent services will be considered as invalid and discarded immediately without further processing.
  • Failure to meet the conditions for utilisation of APSIS API and other Services may result in an immediate, but temporary, disabling of system access or enabling throttling. In such situations, APSIS International AB will accept no liability for commercial loss or data corruption.
Please note that customer-specific restrictions may apply.