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Create a subscriber on account and add subscription to a list. If the email address already exists on the account, only a subscription to the list will be created (and if UpdateIfExisting is "true", the subscriber data will be updated). Be aware that if you are using CreateSubscriber endpoint in a subscription form you should also check and delete the subscriber from OptOutAll list before. NB! In case of bulk imports/updates - you should use one of the methods in the Import service. (Direct) See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: POST
URI: Full url:{MailingListId}/create?updateIfExists={UpdateIfExists}
URL parameters:
MailingListIdStringThe Id of the list the subscriber should be added to.
UpdateIfExistsStringIf email address already exists on the account and this parameter is true, then subscriber data will be updated. Otherwise an error will be returned.

Body parameters

Body parameters
The subscriber to create

Password String The subscriber's password (optional)
Email String The subscriber's email address (required)
Name String The name of the subscriber (optional)
Format String The subscriber's desired format (optional)
CountryCode String The subscriber's country code (optional)
PhoneNumber String The subscriber's phone number (optional)
ExternalId String The subscriber's external ID (optional)
DemDataFields List
The subscriber's list of (optional) demographic data fields
Body Example


Body parameters
returnsResponseThe SubscriberID
Body Example


Code examples