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Get status for all participants of an event. Returns the EventId, EventName, RecipientId, EmailAddress, ExternalId, EventParticipantStatus (which can be Registered, WaitingList, CheckedIn, Decline, Cancel, NotRegistered), RgistrationDate, StatusUpdatedDate, EventSessionId, EventSessionName and Guests. Guests refer to the number of anonymous guests an event participant has added. Works only with Event 2.0 which is now DEPRECATED (Queued method) See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: GET
URI: Full url:{eventId}/queued
URL parameters:
eventIdStringThe Id of the event

Body parameters

Body parameters
Not used


Body parameters
A response object which includes the result, status code and a message.

Code Int32 The response Code.
Message String The response Message.
The response Result.

OperationGuid Guid ID of this operation
PollURL String The URL to poll for the status of this operation
Body Example


Code examples