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Get clicks for a specific Transactional project, optionally by date interval. The following date format is valid: yyyyMMddTHHmmss. Also returns the parameter ”ExternalID” which allows you to map results with external data sources. See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: Get
URI: Full url:{projectId}/clicks?dateFrom={dateFrom}&dateTo={dateTo}
URL parameters:
projectIdStringId of the project
dateFromStringStart date (optional)
dateToStringEnd date (optional)

Body parameters

Body parameters
Not used


Body parameters
A response object which includes transactional clicks as result, status code and a message.

Code Int32 The response Code.
Message String The response Message.
The response Result.

OperationGuid Guid ID of this operation
PollURL String The URL to poll for the status of this operation
Body Example


Code examples