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Send single SMS to one recipient by providing all necessary data in the request. If no sender name is included in request, your default APSIS Pro SMS sender name will be used. Date format yyyyMMddTHHmmss. Also allows for use of linked SMS, that is if more than 160 chars (70 chars when special chars are present) an additional SMS will be sent. Note! "SMS", as well as "Linked SMS" are add-on features of APSIS Pro. Please contact Apsis at if you would like to use these features. (direct) See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: POST
URI: Full url:
URL parameters:
Not used

Body parameters

Body parameters
Holds all the information needed to do the sending

Message String Message send to recipient (required)
SenderName String If not specified, your APSIS Pro default SMS sender name will be used. (optional)
CountryCode String The recipient's country code (required)
PhoneNumber String The recipient's phone number (required)
IsLinked Boolean If more than 160 chars, should the remaining part be ignored (False) or sent in an adjacent SMS (True)?
SendDate String Send date (optional)
Body Example


Body parameters
A response object which includes message ID, total creadits cost and avaliable credits as result, status code and a message

Code Int32 The response Code.
Message String The response Message.
The response Result.

MessageId Int64 Id of message sent to recipient
TotalCreditCost Decimal The number of credits used for SMS
CreditsAvailable Decimal The number of credits available
Body Example


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