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Retrieve Incoming SMS Messages (direct) See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: Get
URI: Full url:{numberRespondedTo}&from={startDateStr}&to={endDateStr}
URL parameters:
numberRespondedToStringThe Phone Number recipients used to reply with their SMS to (optional)
startDateStrStringStart date for the requested period (optional)
endDateStrStringEnd date for the requested period (optional)

Body parameters

Body parameters
Not used


Body parameters
List of incoming SMS messages where each item contains Number responded to, Response time, Recipient mobile number and Text of SMS response.

Code Int32 The response Code.
Message String The response Message.
The response Result.

Incoming SMS message

NumberRespondedTo String The number a recipient sent the reply to
ResponseTime Nullable<DateTime> The date/time when a recipient sent the reply at
RecipientMobileNumber String A recipient's full phone number
SmsResponse String The message a recipient responded with
Body Example


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