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Send an email campaign or a newsletter to one or more lists. This method can also be used to send SMS to a list. The following date format is valid: yyyyMMddTHHmmss. Optional to include a CampaignId. This Id will be available shortly in API methods related to send-outs (i.e. it can currently not be retrieved using the API). This method returns a SendQueueId in response to a successful call. See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: POST
URI: Full url:
URL parameters:
Not used

Body parameters

Body parameters
The details about the send-out to be performed

FromEmail String The sender email address
FromName String The sender name
NewsletterId Int32 The Id of the Newsletter item to send
MailingListIds List
The list of MailinglistId's to send to
SendDate String The date and time when the send-out should be performed (null = immediately)
FilterId Int32 To send to a subset of subscribers on the list(s), include appropriate FilterId (optional)
CampaignId String To add a campaign identifier for future use, include a CampaignId (optional). Max 50 chars allowed
ReplyToEmail String For setting the reply-to email address of the message,
Body Example


Body parameters
returnsResponseThe SendQueueId
Body Example


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