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Generate a report of all the subscribers for a given mailinglistID. (Queued) With custom choice of demdata-fields. Notice, if the demographic fields are set as hidden inside the account through the Apsis Pro User Interface, the API won't send those demographic fields and the data in with each subscriber set of data. See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: POST
URI: Full url:{MailinglistID}/subscribers/all
URL parameters:
MailinglistIDStringThe MailinglistID

Body parameters

Body parameters
The demographic data to include

AllDemographics Boolean True if we should return all the demographic data fields
FieldNames List
List of fieldnames if we only want to retrieve a limited set of demographic data fields
Body Example


Body parameters
A response object which includes the queued result, status code and a message.

Code Int32 The response Code.
Message String The response Message.
The response Result.

OperationGuid Guid ID of this operation
PollURL String The URL to poll for the status of this operation
Body Example


Code examples