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Batch import multiple subscribers using XML-data. NB! It is recommended that each batch should not be larger than around 2 000 subscribers (there is a file size limitation of 5 Megabyte in place that could cause large batches to fail). The Xml files cannot be encrypeted or password protected. 'XmlData' containing data about imported subscribers in XML format, should be properly encoded depending on request format. See request body examples. The method requires use of demographic name mapping. Please read more by clicking here . See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: POST
URI: Full url:{mailingListId}/demographicmapping/{demographicNameMapping}
URL parameters:
mailingListIdStringId of the mailing list that you want to import subscribers to.
demographicNameMappingStringShould demographic data be mapped by Name (true) or index order (false)

Body parameters

Body parameters
Object containing import data

XmlData String Subscribers data in xml format
Body Example


Body parameters
returnsResponseQueue identity, this can be used for querying the queue for the import status
Body Example


Code examples