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Gets a specific event with its sessions. Includes: event registration settings, session registration settings and session parameters. Works with Event 3.0 or newer (Direct method) See code examples

URL Parameters

Http verb: GET
URI: Full url:{eventId}/sessions
URL parameters:
eventIdStringID of the event to fetch

Body parameters

Body parameters
Not used


Body parameters
Response object that includes requested event with sessions, status code and status message

Code Int32 The response Code.
Message String The response Message.
The response Result.

Id Int32 Event ID
Name String Event name
Enabled Boolean Whether or not the event is enabled
RegistrationFormUrl String URL to public event registration form
Event registration settings

RegistrationStartTime Boolean Registration start time
RegistrationDeadline Boolean Registration deadline
RegistrationLimit Boolean Registration limit
AllowRegistrationToWaitingList Boolean Allow registration to waiting list
HideFullyBookedClosedSessionsInForm Boolean Hide fully booked/closed sessions in form
AllowRegistrationOfAdditionalGuests Boolean Allow registration of additional guests
RequestGuestDetailsInForm Boolean Request guest details in form
Event sessions

Event sessions

Id Int32 Session ID
Title String Session title
StartTime DateTime Session start time
EndTime DateTime Session end time
Session registration settings

RegistrationStartTime Nullable<DateTime> Registration start time
RegistrationDeadline Nullable<DateTime> Registration deadline
RegistrationLimit Nullable<Int32> Registration limit
WaitingList Nullable<Int32> Waiting list (if fully booked)
AdditionalGuests Nullable<Int32> Additional guests
Session parameters

CalendarReminder String Calendar reminder
MapToLocation String Map to location
SessionCity String Session city
SessionVenue String Session venue
SessionContactName String Session contact name
SessionContactEmail String Session contact email
Session custom parameters

Session custom parameter

Name String Parameter name
Value String Parameter value
CanRegisterToSession Boolean Whether or not attendees can register to session based on the following criteria: event is enabled; session end time has not passed; (if activated) session registration start time has passed; (if activated) session registration deadline has not passed; (if activated) session registration limit was not reached; (if activated) session waiting list limit was not reached.
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